College & Home Ed Community basketball

6.50 GBP

Sessions start again this Wednesday, 18th April, and run until 11th July with no session on 30th May due to half term.

The cost for adhoc is still £6.50 and termly will be £55 for 12 sessions. 

This session is also open to college students. We have quite a few x-home educators who now go to college. 

If you could put the word out... thanks

Termly Payments to be paid to the following bank account;
Cooperative Bank
There will be cake - sports

Any questions, contact

This session is at Mamba 2 intensity.

“The ‘Mamba Mentality’ defines a passion, a mindset, to always seek to unfold the best version of ourselves” Kobe Bryant NBA LEGEND

All our sessions are streamed on a Mamba intensity. 

  • Mamba 3 is where coaches keep suggesting ways for all players to unfold a better version of themselves.
  • Mamba 2 is where coaches will wait until a player asks for advice on how to unfold a better version of themselves. At any point a player can ask a coach to stop helping them. 
  • Mamba 1 is where players practice on their own, trying new ways to unfold a better version of themselves.  

Any questions, contact jon.thorne@CommunitySport.Club