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More serious clubs than us (who focus on developing the best National League players) send players to our apprenticeship leadership course. We help their players develop their ability to lead a basketball team. To lead by unfolding and not moulding.  

If we look at how many of the best leaders of the best basketball teams in the world we tend to find leaders who don't mould their team mates to always do as they say To play in a standardised way. If they did lead in this way the more creative, resilient team mates who tend to value their autonomy, often under perform and leave for another club. The same dynamic applies for players who play for fun. If their leader tells them off for not doing as they say, it's not fun, and the players walk. Players on our leadership training will lead a team of players who play for fun. Our apprenticeship leaders will learn how to lead a team by unfolding and not moulding

Our course is accredited by to give students a diverse range of opportunities to develop life skills to lead by unfolding and not mouldingIn particular to...

  1. Build trust by giving team members a say, that they are heard, that they are part of their own unfolding process to the point where your team members are prepared to try new things, knowing that you as their leader will step in if a team member is about to do something that carries a risk of causing harm to themselves or others.
  2. Lift each team member's awareness of their own choices and their own habits. And to help each team member to adapt their own choices and habits so that shared situations work for everyone.
  3. See that just as important as performing and winning is team members remaining healthy in mind as well as body.
  4. See their own performance and the performance of their team members as the speed at which they unfold a better version of themselves.
  5. Select team members based on their passion to unfold a better version of themselves.  And avoid selecting team members who always believe they don't need to get better and who always blame others for mistakes. 

Students gain their qualification when members of (who are independent of those delivering the course), confirm through interview and observation, that a student can lead by folding and not moulding.

While there is no standard way to teach leadership skills for unfolding and not moulding there are two common techniques, and series of habits that we have found make the easier for some students to learn to unfold and mould.  All is explained in the course outline...